15 MAIDEN LANE • SUITE 1100 • NEW YORK, NY 10038


FORM4 Design Studio PLLC

FORM4 Design Studio PLLC (FORM4), founded in November 2018, is a collaboration of thoughts, ideas, ethics and passion for Architecture of the four design professionals – Orlando Diaz, Priya Elliott, Daniel E. Gomez and Julio P. Magarino.

FORM4 is a full-service Architecture and Design firm. Our passion allows us to work closely with our clients and design creative solutions that become an enriching experience for the users. We have a collective experience of over 30 years in architecture in the New York Metro area and we are prolific and proficient in all aspects of New York architecture, having worked with a myriad of city developers, and a plethora of city agencies. 

We understand our clients’ needs and are able to assist from start to finish, creating stellar projects as an end-product for our clients.